It’s the end of #blogjune; Hello #commentjuly

I thought it would be very difficult to blog each day, but somehow I managed to see it through, except for yesterday….

It kept me very busy, and I did not get time to comment as much as I would have liked.
That’s why I will be going back. CommentJuly is a great way to follow up on BlogJune.

The list of participants is here: Thanks to Catherine Hocking!

Julia de Ruiter – @JuliadeRuiter ; blog Library Lover

Karen du Toit – @karentoittoit ; blog Karen’s 23 Mobile Things

Peter Green – @lgreenpd ; blog Too many words to tweet

Catherine Hocking – @c_hocking ; blog Catherine’s Online Learning Journal

Laura – @lor_rahh ; blog librarianville

Kay Saunders – @ksaunders0 ; blog yaketty

Andrew Spencer – @GeocachingLibn ; blog Geocaching Librarian

Paul Todd – @MisterT01 ; blog Kalinda P.S. 1/2T 2013

Con Wiebrands – @flexnib ; blog FLEXNIB

Abigail Willemse – @ajwillemse91 ; blog The Octopus Librarian

I will be following along with the hashtag #commentjuly on Twitter

Scoop.It great for own professional development

I love curating on Scoop.It, because it is a very easy way to compile the most recent highlights about a certain topic or field of interest.

I have two topics that I am trying to curate on a daily basis.

The Information Professional

Future Knowledge Management


ANZ 23 Mobile Things and Blogging in June put a bit of a damper on my curation, but I will be continuing. I find it extremely valuable for my own professional development!

I only noticed recently that the Scoop.It curated posts can be embedded, and will try to see if I can accomplish it in the sidebar as well.

I am trying to embed one of my Scoops, but so far not accomplishing it…

#CommentJuly – good follow-up on #blogjune

Blogging in June is coming to an end, and I was extremely glad to see the following challenge.
Thanks to Abigail Willemse @ajwillemse91 and Catherine Hocking @c_hocking for the initiative.

I have been struggling to follow other blogs, and even more struggling to comment.

I am doing most of my blogging on my iPad, since my laptop was stolen this month as well.

I am most of the times unable to comment, or Like, or even to follow! I blame it on poor ADSL and Network coverage. Or digital haves and have-nots

I would love to follow all the ground rules as stipulated by Abigail Willemse, but I will be extremely pleased to be able to comment on 5 blogs, and following 5 each day.
That is going to be my ultimate goal for July.

Comment July – Who’s in? (Thanks Catherine Hocking)

Flipboard a great app for pulling all your feeds together, also Google Reader


Flipboard is such a great reading app for pulling together all your feeds, as well as your timelines from Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, and all else you can think of.

I have Google Reader also feeding here, and apparently it will be save when Google Reader shuts down it’s service in 5 days’ time.
It is worth signing up to Flipboard for just this reason alone!

The magazines that can be created and personalized by adding stories from all the feeds are a great way organizing topics that you are interested in.

I have made a Flipboard magazine for ANZ 23 Mobile things.


It is possible to subscribe to this magazine, and I am able to invite contributors to add to this.

ANZ 23 Mobile Things Hangout – about mobile apps and gatehashing

The discussion as seen on Twitter:

I was extremely pleased to be able to watch the Google+ Hangout on my iPad.
It froze a bit, but I was able to follow, although a bit behind the rest.
(After my complaint yesterday of digital haves and have-nots, I was more than pleased!)

I could take part in the Twitter discussion as well, and these were some of my own highlights:

Digital haves and have-nots – limiting communication

I am increasingly aware of the digital divide between the Haves of the most recent technology…
And the Have-nots who do not have the money to upgrade to the most recent technology!

And staying behind, because the Have-nots are not able to communicate with the Haves.

My case in point: I have a Blackberry 9360 Smartphone, which do not allow me to do most of the cool stuff, and which do not have long battery life. I have chosen this phone, because I have to pay for two smartphones (the other one is for my daughter who is a student), and I can’t afford a more expensive option.

I have an iPad2 with 16G memory which is stretched to its limit, and gives me notifications that I can’t upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 because there is not enough memory. And iOS 7 is already available in beta…
(Of course, if I had the money, I would have upgraded long ago!)

I find it very frustrating, especially because I am not able to take part fully in ANZ 23 Mobile Things, and this week I can’t download Google + Hangout because it needs iOS 6.1.3.

Luckily I can Skype from my iPad, and I will be following the conversation on Twitter.

Libraries on Pinterest

Pinterest is such a great way to collect anything about every thing.

Many libraries are already on Pinterest, and a search on Pinterest about libraries can keep one occupied for very long.

I am including this Infographic from my own board about libraries.

Libraries of the future

Are you on Pinterest?