An archivist, not an exorcist

It almost always happens that when I tell people that I am an archivist, the basic reply is to explain what it is.

I usually try to say something which includes the term “librarian” as well.

I am still laughing when I recollect the scene in Modern Family (season 4, Episode 19) about the future Alex being referred to as an “exorcist”, and she angrily corrects it saying “archivist”!

I think that librarians have less issues in trying to explain what they do, but I think that the there is a common misconception about what they do.

People used to be very doubtful while I was studying my Librarian Science degree about how it can span over four years! Nowadays it is three years!

I think the Librarian and Archive Professions have advanced so much, and that we have even more to explain of what we do than we used to.

Do you also encounter these misconceptions in your professional life as an archivist or librarian?


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