#CommentJuly – good follow-up on #blogjune

Blogging in June is coming to an end, and I was extremely glad to see the following challenge.
Thanks to Abigail Willemse @ajwillemse91 and Catherine Hocking @c_hocking for the initiative.

I have been struggling to follow other blogs, and even more struggling to comment.

I am doing most of my blogging on my iPad, since my laptop was stolen this month as well.

I am most of the times unable to comment, or Like, or even to follow! I blame it on poor ADSL and Network coverage. Or digital haves and have-nots

I would love to follow all the ground rules as stipulated by Abigail Willemse, but I will be extremely pleased to be able to comment on 5 blogs, and following 5 each day.
That is going to be my ultimate goal for July.

Comment July – Who’s in? (Thanks Catherine Hocking)


2 thoughts on “#CommentJuly – good follow-up on #blogjune

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