It is easier to blog than to comment


#CommentJuly is struggling to get out of the starting blocks over here…

I believe in commenting, and know how much it means when you get a comment on a blog post.

But it is extremely difficult to write a comment, and sign in with one of the accounts, and press publish! (It should not be!)
It just do not get published!

I am also still struggling being a digital have-not (after the computer theft), because it is more difficult for me to comment on my iPad than it is to write a blog post.

I am having to do it from my iPad, and trying to do it from my WordPress app.
I have even tried going through the web browser on my iPad. Also without any success.

I must mention here that Blogger gives a much better interface than trying to comment on WordPress. But it is still a huge schlep!

I hope all the blogging platforms start making it easier to comment!


2 thoughts on “It is easier to blog than to comment

  1. I’ve found the opposite, although more from the cognitive rather than technical point of view – the struggles I had, trying to think to write a blog post every day! While on holidays the other week I did all my commenting on my iPad using the web browser generally with no problems. I had noticed once or twice in the past some difficulty signing in with my Twitter account on WordPress blogs, but this appears to have been temporary.
    I definitely get where you’re coming from – if it is difficult to comment then you are less likely to do so. I was close to tears of frustration in my initial attempts to comment on a Blogger post before I sorted out my Google account – each time I tried to comment something would go wrong, I would lose my comment and have to start again. I think that frustrating as commenting can be, #commentjuly is worth it for the validation it provides to bloggers – particularly beginning ones – and the sense of community and conversation.
    Good luck with becoming a ‘digital have’ again, and keep at it! 🙂


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