Checking in at my local library for South African Library Week #SALW2014

I checked in at my local public library for South African Library Week that is taking place this week.

The discussion topic is also about the library spaces we love in International Librarian’s Network

Although my local library is not as inspiring as some of the architectural library wonders of the world, it is still a community space that I love to go to. I am busy introducing my little girl of five year old to the library.
I still have the same awe of a library as I did when I was young and I could not wait to pick my next batch of books to read… So much possibilities on those shelves!

That is one of the big reasons why I decided to study Librarianship and become a librarian. I love going to a library and I love reading! I am so glad we still have the opportunity to have this local library that we can go to.

My daughter wanted the librarian to find her some “Barbie” books today. There was two friendly librarians who helped us in the search. We could not find a Barbie book full of pictures, but she was happy with her books she picked from the shelves.