Archives globally sharing their collections on 10 June 2014 with #WW1archives

International Archives Day 2014 was moved to June 10 because of clashes with public holidays. The focus is on World War 1 today, and the treasures we have in the archives.

The SABC Radio Archives has a couple of audio material about WW 1 and one of the treasures was captured on Vine.


Photo for International Archives Day today #blogjune

Happy International Archives Day.

Photo taken in the SABC Radio Archives.

Join archives on Twitter on 10 June 2014 in sharing World War 1 treasures #WW1archives #blogjune



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SABC Media Libraries: Join archives in search of World War 1 material on 10 June 2014…: #WW1archives @followanarchive @askanarchivists The yearly International Archives Day are celebrated on 9 June, but because it falls on public holidays, the Twitter event has been moved to 10 June.


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Call to Archives – International Archives Day on 9 June 2014 #blogjune




The International Archives day is celebrated annually on 9 June.

There is a call to send a photo of archives, celebrating the treasures of archives, on that day.

“Help us celebrate International Archives Day on 9th June 2014, by sending us a copy of an archive image linked to the locality in which you work. The image will be uploaded onto a site specially developed by the International Council on Archives’ local, municipal and territorial group of archivists. The site ( ) will go live on 9th June.

To participate, please send a jpeg image of your document to Mies Langelaar in Rotterdam, at the following address: Langelaar M. (Mies),

You should also add two sentences: one describing the document you have selected and another one containing a message to the international archival community. We would also be grateful if you could pass this message on to other archivists in your country.

We look forward to sharing your treasures with colleagues around the world.”


Photo: #Archiveshelfie

Library advocacy & lobbying – discussion topic for ILN #blogjune

I am linking up with the International Librarians Network with their discussion topic about Library advocacy for my third blogging in June (#blogjune) post.

The questions that needs answering:

Is there an library advocacy or lobbying campaign you’ve loved? What made it stand out for you? 

I love the #followalibrary yearly advocacy campaign on the 1 October. It was a bit quiet in 2013. Luckily it seems that the Twitter outreach this year, awakened by the International Librarians discussion topic about library advocacy and lobbying, has already taken up the challenge.


#followalibrary on Twitter

A Facebook page for Followalibrary for this year has been created by Wilma van den Brink @wbk500 from Amsterdam, and she suggests that each upload a library shelfie #libshelfie for this year.

What are some examples of how you have been an advocate for libraries? How did it work out?

Social Media is one of the great new ways of advocating for libraries. The feedback from our own libraries active on social media is that it has given us a voice and has created awareness about our services.

What are 3 ways in which you think you could become a better advocate?

1. Getting more skilled with regards social media and advocacy practices, to use it to upgrade the library’s social media presence.

2. To always have a positive view on my own library services, and to have that elevator speech ready when asked about our jobs and our services.

3. Love what I do! (Even more, which I do!)

International Librarians Network discussion topic: Blog every day in June #blogjune

I am answering the questions by the International Librarians Network about blogging in the month of June, which are being carried forward by Constance Wiebrands @flexnib.

Both my ILN partner and me have been neglecting our dialogues with each other, and I am going to use #blogjune to catch up on our outstanding conversations. Alberto Boada García (my ILN partner from the Spanish General Council for the Judiciary (CGPJ), in the  Judiciary Documentation Centre, which it’s settled in San Sebastian), I hope this will help us to catch up?

The discussion topic for blogging in June:

Does your organisation have a blog?


SABC Media Libraries

Yes, we have! We have started our own blog for the Media Libraries to be able to get hands-on control on the creation and content of the blog. We have been using Blogger as our platform, and has been blogging here since 2009.

The blog: SABC Media Libraries


Do you have blogs you follow? (professional or otherwise)

Yes, we follow blogs from the library and archive profession, but it is a list that needs to be updated.

In my personal capacity I am also following professional and personal blogs.

I love that #blogjune has a list of blogs that are taking part. It helps to widen my scope of professional blogs that I would like to follow, and comment on.


Do you think blogging is even still relevant?

It definitely is! Blogging is a way of connecting with like-minded peers and professionals without having the extra burden of getting published first. It is immediate, it is open for discussion, and gives relevant and timely new conversations a platform.


Have you blogged professionally? If not, would you like to?

Yes, AND I would love to continue blogging professionally.

Blogging in June – here we go #blogjune


I signed up again to blog each day for the month of June.

Constance Wiebrands of @flexnib fame keeps the yearly blogging initiative going for librarians (but also non-librarians), especially from Australia and New Zealand. Apparently 66 people have signed up this year.

I have been neglecting this blog which I started as a part of investigating the ANZ 23 Mobile Things, but also to increase my knowledge of WordPress AND blogging per se.

The blog list of all the participants can be found here: 2014 Blog List

I am looking forward reading the blogs, and finding new people to follow!

Sketch by 5-year old.