International Librarians Network discussion topic: Blog every day in June #blogjune

I am answering the questions by the International Librarians Network about blogging in the month of June, which are being carried forward by Constance Wiebrands @flexnib.

Both my ILN partner and me have been neglecting our dialogues with each other, and I am going to use #blogjune to catch up on our outstanding conversations. Alberto Boada García (my ILN partner from the Spanish General Council for the Judiciary (CGPJ), in the  Judiciary Documentation Centre, which it’s settled in San Sebastian), I hope this will help us to catch up?

The discussion topic for blogging in June:

Does your organisation have a blog?


SABC Media Libraries

Yes, we have! We have started our own blog for the Media Libraries to be able to get hands-on control on the creation and content of the blog. We have been using Blogger as our platform, and has been blogging here since 2009.

The blog: SABC Media Libraries


Do you have blogs you follow? (professional or otherwise)

Yes, we follow blogs from the library and archive profession, but it is a list that needs to be updated.

In my personal capacity I am also following professional and personal blogs.

I love that #blogjune has a list of blogs that are taking part. It helps to widen my scope of professional blogs that I would like to follow, and comment on.


Do you think blogging is even still relevant?

It definitely is! Blogging is a way of connecting with like-minded peers and professionals without having the extra burden of getting published first. It is immediate, it is open for discussion, and gives relevant and timely new conversations a platform.


Have you blogged professionally? If not, would you like to?

Yes, AND I would love to continue blogging professionally.


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