A Day in the Life in South Africa: a guest post from Karen Du Toit

Guest post over at International Librarians Network. I have signed up for a next round of peer mentorship, as well as being the ILN South African coordinator this year.

International Librarians Network

Today’s guest post is a day in the life post from our Country Coordinator for South Africa, Karen Du Toit:
First day back at work: 2015
Karen du Toit, Archivist at the SABC Radio Archives in South Africa
ILN South Africa Coordinator
I only started working on 12 January this year! I can recommend it greatly to help with easing into a new year with new challenges and possibilities.
The passage to my office and my office looked very inviting on Monday. I am looking forward to the new year again! 
(Off time really does help in getting a bit of perspective!)
I had emails that kept me busy for most of the morning, but it also felt good ticking it off. There were a few programme and sound queries to attend to as well which kept me busy for the rest of the day. An Afrikaans writer…

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