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The upcoming Twitter chat on Thursday at 11 am South African Standard Time (UTC + 2:00) will be about gaming and libraries. I will be running it from the ILN Twitter handle. Check out a Time zone converter here and please take part. Please give us a shout-out from your part of the world and tell us what you do with gaming in your library? Maybe it is still something you should try in your library?

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gamers Gamers by Arne Halvorsen. CC BY-NC 2.0

This week’s discussion topic will look at the connection between libraries and games – this seems to be as varied as the types of libraries themselves. From a traditional focus on board games to the rise of Minecraft in libraries, there is something in this topic for most of us.

I remember as an 8 year old playing games in my school library at lunch time on rainy days and with rising pressure on funding of libraries in many schools, there is plenty of people arguing that games and libraries can help with teaching core literacy and numeracy.

At the community level, many public libraries include video games in their spaces, to help bring in teenagers and young adults, either on a continuous basis or as a one off event to promote the library.  Providing a safe, non commercial space for…

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#FavouriteFeature: Karen Du Toit from South Africa

#FavouriteFeature for #InterLibNet discussion

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Today’s #FavouriteFeature post comes from the ILN Ambassador for South Africa, Karen Du Toit, who works in a less-traditional kind of library…

IMG_1472I work in Radio Archives, and I still love browsing through my backlog shelves searching for radio programmes and sound from long ago. It really gives me great pleasure to find an old “gem” or “treasure” that we did not even know we have!
These shelves are packed with reel-to-reel tapes that have proven to be one of the more long-lasting sound carriers in the audio archives!


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ILN Ambassadors

ILN Ambassadors

ILN Ambassadors

The International Librarian Network Coordinators are now called ILN Ambassadors.

ILN Ambassadors 2

The next round of the international peer mentorship programme for librarians has begun. Some of the excitement can be seen on Twitter via the hashtag #InterLibNet