Tomorrow is International Archives Day – 9 June – #IAD15

The day will focus on democracy specifically, but also on the great work that Archives are doing!

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Ask Archivists

International Council on Archives 

A reel tape being rewind from the SABC Radio Archives.

Reel tape rewind in #slomo #archives #reels #audio

A video posted by Karen Du Toit (@karentoittoit) on Jun 5, 2015 at 11:00am PDT

The most frustrating and the most satisfying to work in the Archives

Most frustrating:

To be overwhelmed with requests!

So much so, that I am unable to ingest more material into my specific archive collection!

Most satisfying:

Getting to hear a voice from the past.

In this specific clip that I have shared on Twitter today, a well-known and loved Afrikaans writer has died yesterday. They are busy compiling tribute programmes to be broadcasted on radio.

I get to listen to the whole interview with her that was done in 1990. In this short snippet she says that she is not one for the limelight!

What a privilege!

Being a global librarian is a choice – Jan Holmquist

 I love this quote by Jan Holmquist: 

“Global librarian is not a title – it is a choice.”

Jan Holmquist shares his slides from here: EduTech presentation in Brisbane 

Wordless Wednesday #archives #blogjune

GLAM: Karen Du Toit on Working in Audio-Visual Archives


Guest post for the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) discussion over at International Librarians Network.

Blogging for the month of June – here we go again #blogjune

This blog needs a bit of attention, so here goes for the month of June.

I have signed up to flexnib’s form, and also linking up with Fiona at the Bun Toting Librarian.

5 Things I am looking forward to about #blogjune

1. Trying to do a regular blog post on this blog.

2. Reading other people’s blogs.

3. Linking up with global librarians.

4. Thinking about my career as archivist again.

5. Searching for some interesting mobile things to share here!

Happy blogging!