Reasons why I am signing up again for the International Librarians Network

ILN peer mentor

I have applied again for this round at the International Librarians Network peer mentorship programme.

I have experienced that even though I sometimes don’t get a very engaged peer mentor, I still get much worth from the discussion points and networking opportunities through social networks.

My reasons for applying to become a peer mentor at ILN:

  • Meeting a librarian from across the world whom I would never have met otherwise.
  • Learning about the library profession globally.
  • Having a peer mentor to ask questions about my daily challenges, and not feeling as isolated about our challenges here. The challenges are universal!
  • Learning about different sections in the library from a librarian in the field.
  • With each round I am able to add a new global connection to my networking circle! It’s great to say that I now know a librarian in England, Australia, Bangladesh, Spain and Zimbabwe!

It’s worth signing up each time!


Sign up here: Apply for the ILN

More info: How the ILN program works

The application process closes on 15th February for the next round in 2016.



2 thoughts on “Reasons why I am signing up again for the International Librarians Network

  1. I got an email about this program and it sounded interesting, but I’m scared I won’t have anything interesting to share. I’m in my second semester of obtaining my Masters in Library Science, and have never worked in a library, only volunteered sporadically, although I have been an ardent patron. I don’t want to waste someone’s time. Should I wait until next year when I have more experience?

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    • I definitely can advise you to sign up as well! You will get valuable insights from a librarian in the field, but the librarian will also hear more about your studies and what’s most recent in theory! We also need to keep up to date!


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