ILN professional Development Twitter chat #ilnpdchat #Storify

I missed most of today’s International Librarians Network Twitter chat, as it was still a busy Monday here at work, but luckily they have compiled a Storify!

My contribution as an archivist at work

We were asked to compile a short paragraph of what we do here at work and enter it in an internal corporate competition:

Here’s mine: It could be an elevator pitch as well!

Karen du Toit



SABC Radio Archives: I catalogue radio programmes, snippets and sound to preserve it for future generations here at the SABC, but also for the country as a whole. I help to make the rich resource of radio material accessible for the generations to come. I make sure that our heritage of history, sound and stories will be available to all who might need it in future for use in programmes, news and actuality, as well as for purposes of research. I help with research, finding sound clips of a period of over a century of sound in our Archives. I tell the story of SABC Media Libraries on all the social media platforms to advocate for the work that we do here!