I was alerted to the ANZ 23 Mobile Things by Fiona Malcolm, the international librarian from the City of Boroondara Library Service, whom I was paired with through the International Librarians Network.

I am a Radio Archivist at SABC Radio Archives, part of SABC Media Libraries, at the South African Broadcasting Corporation of South Africa.

I was extremely excited to see that people from all over the world are taking part in this initiative. I know for a fact that there are things that I have missed while teaching myself to work on my mobile phone and tablet, and I would love to learn more about some of the applications I have not even heard of before…

I am excited to connect with other librarians through this initiative as well.

I am planning to do a blog post each week of the things that I have learnt or done through the initiative. This blog is also a way of learning how to use WordPress, as I am more used to working with Blogger.


The 23 Mobile Things that will be covered:

(Taken from the Official 23 Things Blog )


  1. Twitter

  2. Taking a photo with a mobile device: Instagram / Flickr app / Snapchat

  3. eMail on the move

  4. Maps and checking in

  5. Photos + Maps + Apps: Historypin / What was there / Sepia Town

  6. Video: YouTube and screencasts

  7. Communicate: Skype / Google Hangout

  8. Calendar

  9. QR codes

  10. Social reading: RSS / Flipboard / Feedly / Goodreads / Pocket

  11. Augmented reality: Layar

  12. Games: Angry Birds / Wordfeud

  13. Online identity: FaceBook and LinkedIn

  14. Curating: Pinterest / Scoop.it / Tumblr

  15. Adobe ID

  16. eBooks and eBook apps: Project Gutenberg / Kindle / Overdrive / Bluefire / Kobo, etc.

  17. Evernote and Zotero

  18. Productivity tools: Doodle / Remember the Milk / Hackpad / any.do / 30/30

  19. File sharing: Dropbox

  20. Music: last.fm / Spotify

  21. Voice interaction and recording

  22. eResources vendor apps

  23. Digital storytelling

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