Curation is an important part of a librarian’s arsenal


The Storify was made in answer to Thing 14 of ANZ 23 Mobile Things: Curating with Pinterest, Tumblr and Scoop.It.

I am a big user of curation in my daily life, and the following points clarify the importance of curation.

The positives of using curation as a Information Specialist

– I am using curation on a daily basis to enhance my own professional development

– I keep up to date with the latest news, research and developments in my professional niche.

– I am able to connect with like-minded peers, as well as my community.

– I am increasing my social media presence in the niche that I would like to be known in.

– It is an activity that should not be neglected, but be part of compulsory duties of every day.

If neglected, it will banish you to the “nether regions of lost librarianship”, I’m sure!

Scoop.It great for own professional development

I love curating on Scoop.It, because it is a very easy way to compile the most recent highlights about a certain topic or field of interest.

I have two topics that I am trying to curate on a daily basis.

The Information Professional

Future Knowledge Management


ANZ 23 Mobile Things and Blogging in June put a bit of a damper on my curation, but I will be continuing. I find it extremely valuable for my own professional development!

I only noticed recently that the Scoop.It curated posts can be embedded, and will try to see if I can accomplish it in the sidebar as well.

I am trying to embed one of my Scoops, but so far not accomplishing it…