Resolutions for 2014

ImageThe International Librarians Network suggested a New Year’s resolution as point of discussion for the ILN network partners in the monthly discussions.

1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014?

I have started looking out for online courses, such as MOOCs, to enhance my professional development in 2013. I want to continue doing it.

I definitely want to do the Hyperlinked Library MOOC this year! I did not make it onto the list of course participants last year, but this year I will be holding thumbs that there would be another opportunity.

I am also looking for more opportunities that comes along such as ANZ 23 Mobile Things. I learnt a great deal last year, and it is necessary to stay up to date with all the developments.

I want to work on our mobile platform for the SABC Media Libraries.

2. What is one thing you want to try doing differently in 2014?

I want to focus my efforts more with regards social media for the SABC Media Libraries.

I have to work on a social media strategy, and I have to get more help from colleagues. One of the colleagues that helped me with it, has resigned.

3. What is one thing you want to stop doing in 2014?

To not focus on obstacles and negative barriers in the workplace! It is very demotivating and hampers own professional progression.

I will focus on what should and could be done, and pay more attention to enhance my own professional development for the good of the company as well as for my own personal satisfaction!

Photo: Traffic in Aucklandpark, Johannesburg. The tall building on the skyline is my workplace.

QR codes – Thing 9 – some thoughts about the uses for radio archives

This week has been about Thing 9, QR codes of ANZ 23 Mobile Things.

I do not think we have seen the end of the uses of QR codes, and that it can be applied in so many different ways in the library and archive environments.

I was thinking about our own radio archive environment:

– How fantastic would it be to have a museum archive of some of our Radio Archives material, with QR codes pointing to some audio and sounds from the archives!

– To put up QR codes in our offices, pointing to blog posts about our collections and our archivists.

– To have QR codes pointing to our website and contact details in the reception area.

– To add QR codes to our archived formats, pointing to the meta data on our cataloguing systems.

– To make screencasts and video tutorials of how to for the radio archives.

We made a QR code for the SABC Media Libraries’ blog, but only as a type of experiment and to see how it works.


I also made a Vine to test Screencasting earlier in ANZ 23 Mobile Things: Screencasting to use QR codes.

I do not think we have seen the end of QR codes and their uses yet!

In the meantime, I am overwhelmed by the New Librarianship Master Class open online course which started this week.

I love the material, and how it has opened up my eyes to the fact that we (as librarians/archivists/Information Professionals) are the masters of our own destinies!

Calendars on the go


I have enjoyed the past week of learning more about Calendar, Thing 8 of 23 Mobile Things.

This year is the first year I am going without a paper-based diary in my handbag. I have transferred all my reminders and calendar updates to my Blackberry smartphone, as well as my iPad.
On the one hand it is very liberating to have everything on the go, but on the other hand there is a definitive loss of information.
The information that is stored with a certain event, is also lost when the event is cancelled, for example…

I use the Blackberry Calendar, as well as the iPad Calendar, and it is both linked to my Google Calendar. The syncing between the calendars does not always seem to “work”, but I am willing to admit that I need some more experience.

We use Outlook Explorer Calendars at work, and I prefer to keep that separate from my personal calendars. We use it mostly at work to coordinate events and send invites, which work very well!
I am thinking of setting up a calendar on our Media Library’s website, with only the most important yearly events. (On my to-do list)

I downloaded iCalendar and am still experimenting with it! I love the colours that can be inserted, and how it displays, but so far I haven’t found anything special or must-have that is different from what I have already.

One of the great things with Calendars is the reminder and alert options! I do not schedule any event anymore without an alarm going off.

Nowadays I am even sending invites to family and friends via the Calendars, because it inserts the events on their Calendars as well, and reminds them!

I inserted this Calendar of free webinars for librarians into the iCalendar, and can see that I will be doing more of these to remind myself of wonderful opportunities for personal development. (Why is it not reflected on my other calendars as well? It was one through Google Calendar.)

New Librarianship Master Class open online course – 1st MOOC


Screen capture of The Atlas of New Librarianship

I had signed up to the Hyperlinked Libraries MOOC a while back. I was only notified yesterday that there were over 1100 participants, and they have only space for 400. So I did not make it onto the course this time.

I think there should have been a cut-off as soon as their limits were reached?

I also saw this MOOC being advocated through the International Librarians Network, and have signed up to David R Lankes New Librarianship Master Class through the iSchool at Syracuse University. Apparently there is still time to sign up.

I struggled today to download my ebook version of The Atlas of New Librarianship, but finally managed to get it on my iPad!

This is the email that I sent to the iMOOC facilitators today, just to give them a shout-out about some of the issues we are struggling with:

Dear iMOOC facilitators,

Just a quick note that I struggled a great deal today to purchase The Atlas of New Librarianship from MIT Press. I tried to make use of the discount code that you have supplied, but only after countless attempts and contacting Tech Support did they tell me it was only for the print version.

That should have been stated from the start!

Luckily the Tech Support gave me a 20% discount on the ebook as well.
I nearly gave up out of shear frustration.

I am planning to do this course on my iPad, because I still don’t have a computer at home!


Truly mobile for ANZ 23 Mobile Things!

It’s the end of #blogjune; Hello #commentjuly

I thought it would be very difficult to blog each day, but somehow I managed to see it through, except for yesterday….

It kept me very busy, and I did not get time to comment as much as I would have liked.
That’s why I will be going back. CommentJuly is a great way to follow up on BlogJune.

The list of participants is here: Thanks to Catherine Hocking!

Julia de Ruiter – @JuliadeRuiter ; blog Library Lover

Karen du Toit – @karentoittoit ; blog Karen’s 23 Mobile Things

Peter Green – @lgreenpd ; blog Too many words to tweet

Catherine Hocking – @c_hocking ; blog Catherine’s Online Learning Journal

Laura – @lor_rahh ; blog librarianville

Kay Saunders – @ksaunders0 ; blog yaketty

Andrew Spencer – @GeocachingLibn ; blog Geocaching Librarian

Paul Todd – @MisterT01 ; blog Kalinda P.S. 1/2T 2013

Con Wiebrands – @flexnib ; blog FLEXNIB

Abigail Willemse – @ajwillemse91 ; blog The Octopus Librarian

I will be following along with the hashtag #commentjuly on Twitter

#CommentJuly – good follow-up on #blogjune

Blogging in June is coming to an end, and I was extremely glad to see the following challenge.
Thanks to Abigail Willemse @ajwillemse91 and Catherine Hocking @c_hocking for the initiative.

I have been struggling to follow other blogs, and even more struggling to comment.

I am doing most of my blogging on my iPad, since my laptop was stolen this month as well.

I am most of the times unable to comment, or Like, or even to follow! I blame it on poor ADSL and Network coverage. Or digital haves and have-nots

I would love to follow all the ground rules as stipulated by Abigail Willemse, but I will be extremely pleased to be able to comment on 5 blogs, and following 5 each day.
That is going to be my ultimate goal for July.

Comment July – Who’s in? (Thanks Catherine Hocking)

Flipboard a great app for pulling all your feeds together, also Google Reader


Flipboard is such a great reading app for pulling together all your feeds, as well as your timelines from Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, and all else you can think of.

I have Google Reader also feeding here, and apparently it will be save when Google Reader shuts down it’s service in 5 days’ time.
It is worth signing up to Flipboard for just this reason alone!

The magazines that can be created and personalized by adding stories from all the feeds are a great way organizing topics that you are interested in.

I have made a Flipboard magazine for ANZ 23 Mobile things.


It is possible to subscribe to this magazine, and I am able to invite contributors to add to this.