Library Advocacy Unshushed #LA101x – MOOC starting today

I am looking forward in learning more about library advocacy in this MOOC starting today: Library Advocacy Unshushed

LA101x Timeline

LA101x Timeline

We are more needing to explain our services, and with less resources at our disposal.

I hope I will gather some practical advice during this six weeks course.

The syllabus is available here:

Resolutions for 2014

ImageThe International Librarians Network suggested a New Year’s resolution as point of discussion for the ILN network partners in the monthly discussions.

1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014?

I have started looking out for online courses, such as MOOCs, to enhance my professional development in 2013. I want to continue doing it.

I definitely want to do the Hyperlinked Library MOOC this year! I did not make it onto the list of course participants last year, but this year I will be holding thumbs that there would be another opportunity.

I am also looking for more opportunities that comes along such as ANZ 23 Mobile Things. I learnt a great deal last year, and it is necessary to stay up to date with all the developments.

I want to work on our mobile platform for the SABC Media Libraries.

2. What is one thing you want to try doing differently in 2014?

I want to focus my efforts more with regards social media for the SABC Media Libraries.

I have to work on a social media strategy, and I have to get more help from colleagues. One of the colleagues that helped me with it, has resigned.

3. What is one thing you want to stop doing in 2014?

To not focus on obstacles and negative barriers in the workplace! It is very demotivating and hampers own professional progression.

I will focus on what should and could be done, and pay more attention to enhance my own professional development for the good of the company as well as for my own personal satisfaction!

Photo: Traffic in Aucklandpark, Johannesburg. The tall building on the skyline is my workplace.

Evernote – one of my favourite apps – Thing 17 and Thing 19 #anz23mthings


I am using Evernote on an increasing basis.
It also is a great tool for file sharing, and I love that it syncs on all my devices.

The more I use it, the more I discover great uses for it.

I do not go to a conference, a workshop or a seminar without using it.

It is extremely easy to take photos with it while taking lectures, and to add on from there.
I get more from my notes than only relying on the PowerPoint afterwards.

With the most recent New Librarianship MOOC, a fellow student shared her notes, and I could follow which worked great. As soon as she updated her notes on a new module, it was available on my device as well. File sharing is extremely easy with it!

I did the Social Media in Libraries presentation with notes and research that I compiled into a Notebook on Evernote.

This is one of my favourite apps!

I must also add that I like how it has changed with the iOS 7 update. Everything is accessible from the home page!

Certificate of Completion for New Librarianship Master Class


I have successfully completed the New Librarianship Master Class from the School of Information Studies at the Syracuse University.
It was my first MOOC, and I am extremely satisfied with the quality and the content of this Massive Open Online Course.

The course had 2196 students that took part, and the Twitter stream can be found at #newlib, as well as at #newlib on Tagboard

It has definitely opened up my eyes to a new paradigm in which to consider librarianship!

New Librarianship – a future paradigm for librarians

I have just completed my first ever MOOC. It has been an interesting learning curve, both in doing an online course, as well as getting bombarded with “new thoughts” (new to me) in librarianship.

I have done the New Librarianship Master Class presented by the School of Information Studies at the Syracuse University.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the thoughts and ideology surrounding New Librarianship, as explained in The Atlas of New Librarianship by R David Lankes.
But the course has definitely opened up my thoughts and ideas about librarianship. It has given me tremendous hope for the future of librarians and libraries!

Some positive thoughts that I am taking away:

– Librarians are positive change agents

– Librarians are not passive, but pro-active in their involvement of the community.

– I love the mission statement:

– Librarians are part (members) of the community, and actively involved in solving the problems of the community through innovation and creation

– We are moving away from a lending model, towards a sharing model; where all the members of the community contribute towards a common goal through resources, information, goods, experience and skills.

– We as librarians must model the positive change we want to see in our communities. It places a huge responsibility on our shoulders.

– We are more than our collections, spaces and places.

– We create the opportunity for new learning, new innovation and new creation!

– We do not have to have all the skills, but need to be able to put the experts in contact with the rest of the community. It demands social networking skills.

The future of librarianship is bright!
If we do not have an ideology (with a good theoretical framework) to address the future of libraries and librarians, we would not be able to take our profession into an exciting future!

I am inspired! Thanks to R. David Lankes!