Join archives on Twitter on 10 June 2014 in sharing World War 1 treasures #WW1archives #blogjune



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SABC Media Libraries: Join archives in search of World War 1 material on 10 June 2014…: #WW1archives @followanarchive @askanarchivists The yearly International Archives Day are celebrated on 9 June, but because it falls on public holidays, the Twitter event has been moved to 10 June.


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Call to Archives – International Archives Day on 9 June 2014 #blogjune




The International Archives day is celebrated annually on 9 June.

There is a call to send a photo of archives, celebrating the treasures of archives, on that day.

“Help us celebrate International Archives Day on 9th June 2014, by sending us a copy of an archive image linked to the locality in which you work. The image will be uploaded onto a site specially developed by the International Council on Archives’ local, municipal and territorial group of archivists. The site ( ) will go live on 9th June.

To participate, please send a jpeg image of your document to Mies Langelaar in Rotterdam, at the following address: Langelaar M. (Mies),

You should also add two sentences: one describing the document you have selected and another one containing a message to the international archival community. We would also be grateful if you could pass this message on to other archivists in your country.

We look forward to sharing your treasures with colleagues around the world.”


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Focus on archives on 9 June for International Archives Day #savearchives

Archives3Archives are struggling worldwide, even more than libraries…

In a struggling economy it is difficult to always measure the value of the world’s cultural heritage when there are more pressing issues.

As an archivist who are aware of the priceless content that we are preserving for tomorrow, I feel passionate that we should keep on making people aware of how “poor” we would be without these heritage artefacts.

International Archives Day 2013 is coming up on 9 June, and AskArchivists and FollowanArchive initiatives are calling for the promotion of a Googledoodle on that day.

But they are also focusing on the plight of archives, and to make people aware of the value of archives:

“Archives are a fantastic resource for us all. They help us grow in knowledge and understanding of past and present. They empower us to investigate the history we need and the stories we care about. Archives are necessary.”                   – #followanarchive

More can be read here:  International Archives Day 2013 dedicated to archives in need

The hashtag #savearchives will be used on 9 June.

Hopefully our attention and support can help #savearchives!


Archivists promoting a Google Doodle for International Archives Day on 9 June


The initiatives #followanarchive and #askarchivists have been doing yearly campaigns for the promotion of archives.

This year they are suggestion a special Googledoodle for International Archives Day 2013.

Read here:

The SABC Radio Archives has been taking part in the yearly initiatives, and as an archivist I also want to take this suggestion forward with #blogjune.

Please help in promoting this Googledoodle, or suggesting your own.

Twitter: SABCRadioArc