Social Media for Libraries – presentation on SlideShare

Presented at the Information & Library Management Africa Conference 2013

Crowne Plaza, Rosebank

26 September 2013


“The social media statistics of South Africa reveal an exponential increase in the use of social media. Libraries, as part of a community, cannot ignore this! Social media provide libraries instant and direct connection with their members regardless their geographical location. This paper explores social media use in libraries. The establishment of social media for the SABC Media Libraries is discussed to demonstrate a practical implementation of social media in libraries and archives. Tips and resources, with specific mention to Twitter and Facebook, as well as social media etiquette and social media policy guidelines are supplied. The literature of published articles and Infographic show the changing role of librarians in the social media era and the need for librarians to keep learning and update their skills to accommodate users’ needs.
The focus should now be on how well we do social media for the library, not on whether we should do it or not!”


Karen du Toit and Bekti Mulatiningsih

Maps and checking in – Thing 4 of ANZ 23 Mobile Things




I was very interested in this week’s topic of ANZ 23 Mobile Things: Maps and checking in.

I have found a new freedom ever since I got my Garmin.

I was born without any compass, and most of the time I don’t know my up from my down, and my North from my South. For the first time I felt more relaxed while travelling to any destination. Not that I did not get lost with my Garmin… But it gets me out of unknown spots as well!

Recently we have been using the iPad Maps more and more. It is much more user-friendly, and it’s got a voice as well. I can also zoom in and out to check where I am going, as well as select different routes to travel on. 

I won’t be buying another GPS device, as this is the answer to my location disability.

My Blackberry Maps helps a little bit, but why would I use it when I have the iPad Maps? (If you don’t have a tablet, it is definitely helpful to check out your mobile maps.)

I have been a keen user of Foursquare for quite a while. I am always hoping to see that special when I check in somewhere. The tips from former customers also helps to select a dish or a restaurant.

For some reason I also get a great kick when I get my next badge…

I had to reign myself in with regards Foursquare in the past, with some Foursquare withdrawal symptoms. I was frustrating my family members with “checking in”, and nowadays I only try to check in when I am at a nice restaurant or place. And then I try to leave a tip! Not at my local petrol station or Spar. But you will see some relapses in my history…

Unfortunately the uptake from business in South Africa has not been that great, and most businesses does not make use of it…

I do not check in on Facebook or Twitter, because I find it irritates me when people do that, and I also think that there’s a safety and privacy issue to consider! (Not that checking in on Foursquare could not compromise me… Always something at the back of my mind!)



Up until now The SABC Media Libraries have not been using Foursquare or any other check-ins for our libraries and archives. Since we are a corporate entity which mostly have to answer to internal information requests from internal clients, we are not that focused on our external clients.

I have read the blog post by Kiwilibrarian about being on the map, and we would have the same issues with regards payment on Foursquare. Our social media usage are still rogue and also dependable on only a very few people trying to keep it going. 

I would love to explore the issue more, and this is something I could try to put on our social media plan for the next year.

I also love the geocaching idea, and would keep it at the back of my mind to take up in future!

I still need to check out Google Places for our libraries and archives.


This week’s topic has been very helpful, and I will be coming back here!



Are there any other corporate librarians, and how have you been using maps and checking in?