Wordless Wednesday in the radio archives #blogjune

Wordless Wednesday #archives #blogjune

Call to Archives – International Archives Day on 9 June 2014 #blogjune




The International Archives day is celebrated annually on 9 June.

There is a call to send a photo of archives, celebrating the treasures of archives, on that day.

“Help us celebrate International Archives Day on 9th June 2014, by sending us a copy of an archive image linked to the locality in which you work. The image will be uploaded onto a site specially developed by the International Council on Archives’ local, municipal and territorial group of archivists. The site (http://www.internationalarchivesday.org/ ) will go live on 9th June.

To participate, please send a jpeg image of your document to Mies Langelaar in Rotterdam, at the following address: Langelaar M. (Mies), m.langelaar@Rotterdam.nl.

You should also add two sentences: one describing the document you have selected and another one containing a message to the international archival community. We would also be grateful if you could pass this message on to other archivists in your country.

We look forward to sharing your treasures with colleagues around the world.”


Photo: #Archiveshelfie

Social Media for Libraries – presentation on SlideShare

Presented at the Information & Library Management Africa Conference 2013

Crowne Plaza, Rosebank

26 September 2013


“The social media statistics of South Africa reveal an exponential increase in the use of social media. Libraries, as part of a community, cannot ignore this! Social media provide libraries instant and direct connection with their members regardless their geographical location. This paper explores social media use in libraries. The establishment of social media for the SABC Media Libraries is discussed to demonstrate a practical implementation of social media in libraries and archives. Tips and resources, with specific mention to Twitter and Facebook, as well as social media etiquette and social media policy guidelines are supplied. The literature of published articles and Infographic show the changing role of librarians in the social media era and the need for librarians to keep learning and update their skills to accommodate users’ needs.
The focus should now be on how well we do social media for the library, not on whether we should do it or not!”


Karen du Toit and Bekti Mulatiningsih

QR codes – Thing 9 – some thoughts about the uses for radio archives

This week has been about Thing 9, QR codes of ANZ 23 Mobile Things.

I do not think we have seen the end of the uses of QR codes, and that it can be applied in so many different ways in the library and archive environments.

I was thinking about our own radio archive environment:

– How fantastic would it be to have a museum archive of some of our Radio Archives material, with QR codes pointing to some audio and sounds from the archives!

– To put up QR codes in our offices, pointing to blog posts about our collections and our archivists.

– To have QR codes pointing to our website and contact details in the reception area.

– To add QR codes to our archived formats, pointing to the meta data on our cataloguing systems.

– To make screencasts and video tutorials of how to for the radio archives.

We made a QR code for the SABC Media Libraries’ blog, but only as a type of experiment and to see how it works.


I also made a Vine to test Screencasting earlier in ANZ 23 Mobile Things: Screencasting to use QR codes.

I do not think we have seen the end of QR codes and their uses yet!

In the meantime, I am overwhelmed by the New Librarianship Master Class open online course which started this week.

I love the material, and how it has opened up my eyes to the fact that we (as librarians/archivists/Information Professionals) are the masters of our own destinies!

The world of an archivist in radio archives

For International Archives Day on Sunday, 9 June 2013.
There is a promotion going on on social media to promote a Goodledoodle for International Archives Day, something that has never been done before.

The focus is on archives for 9 June for International Archives Day as well, with the hashtag #savearchives.


I love being an archivist, and get totally lyrical about finding an interview with an important (or  even not so important) person in history: or that “lost” programme; or listening to material from the previous century…

We have sound material in our archives that spans more than a century, from the end of the previous previous century, the 1800s.

How cool is that!


I found this blog post I did three years back for the SABC Media Libraries‘ blog about the daily challenges of a sound archivist.

The daily frustrations or challenges of an archivist are things like unmarked and undated archive material that needs to be catalogued, classified and preserved!

I would like to share the blog post here:  READ HERE


I also updated my Pinterest Board yesterday about Archives, just in time for International Archives Day 2013.

Please give me a shout-out if you have something interesting to add!

Pinterest: Archives


Happy International Archives Day on Sunday!


Thumbs crossed for that Googledoodle – use #googledoodle and #savearchives on Twitter, please!

Focus on archives on 9 June for International Archives Day #savearchives

Archives3Archives are struggling worldwide, even more than libraries…

In a struggling economy it is difficult to always measure the value of the world’s cultural heritage when there are more pressing issues.

As an archivist who are aware of the priceless content that we are preserving for tomorrow, I feel passionate that we should keep on making people aware of how “poor” we would be without these heritage artefacts.

International Archives Day 2013 is coming up on 9 June, and AskArchivists and FollowanArchive initiatives are calling for the promotion of a Googledoodle on that day.

But they are also focusing on the plight of archives, and to make people aware of the value of archives:

“Archives are a fantastic resource for us all. They help us grow in knowledge and understanding of past and present. They empower us to investigate the history we need and the stories we care about. Archives are necessary.”                   – #followanarchive

More can be read here:  International Archives Day 2013 dedicated to archives in need

The hashtag #savearchives will be used on 9 June.

Hopefully our attention and support can help #savearchives!