Focus on archives on 9 June for International Archives Day #savearchives

Archives3Archives are struggling worldwide, even more than libraries…

In a struggling economy it is difficult to always measure the value of the world’s cultural heritage when there are more pressing issues.

As an archivist who are aware of the priceless content that we are preserving for tomorrow, I feel passionate that we should keep on making people aware of how “poor” we would be without these heritage artefacts.

International Archives Day 2013 is coming up on 9 June, and AskArchivists and FollowanArchive initiatives are calling for the promotion of a Googledoodle on that day.

But they are also focusing on the plight of archives, and to make people aware of the value of archives:

“Archives are a fantastic resource for us all. They help us grow in knowledge and understanding of past and present. They empower us to investigate the history we need and the stories we care about. Archives are necessary.”                   – #followanarchive

More can be read here:  International Archives Day 2013 dedicated to archives in need

The hashtag #savearchives will be used on 9 June.

Hopefully our attention and support can help #savearchives!