Instagram video – so far only frustrating

I have been very keen to try out the new Instagram video

But up until now I have not been able to capture anything with Instagram video…
It does not want to record for more than 5 seconds, and then it does not want to upload the video.

And I wasted precious video moments because it could not be saved!
Not on my camera roll, nor on Instagram.

That's where Animoto has the upper hand with regards Vine and Instagram video.
With Animoto you make a choice of the photos and videos on your camera roll, where Vine and Instagram video requires a straight recording while in the app.
Which implies that you loose the recorded video when you can’t upload! Or sometimes you do not want to share it in a public domain, but you would still like to hold on to the video.

Not possible in Vine and Instagram video!

Instagram video gets a thumbs down for now!

Twitter Bio video through Vizify #anz23mthings

Mylee Joseph ( made a status update about a her own Twitter bio movie through Vizify, and I followed up with my own.

It is very easy through Vizify, and can be edited to stay up to date!
I personally love the Vizify application.

My online graphical bio through Vizify can be found here: Karen du Toit

Please let me know when you have made your own! It is fun to watch as well!

Breather this week

This week is a breather week, and I am extremely glad. There are still some stuff of the previous weeks’ ANZ 23 Mobile Things I want to check out…

I have been playing around with Animoto some more.

I uploaded some photos and videos for an Animoto video.
I was very glad to see that videos are also incorporated, not only photos.

Tiny Tumbles

I want to try and embed it, and it seems it is possible through a YouTube upload. (?)
I will try it this week at the library.

Libraries of the future

YouTube is a great way to use for videos of and about the library.

We have posted a few videos for the SABC Media Libraries, but it is definitely worthwhile to explore more.

SABCMediaLib videos on YouTube:

A search on the “future” of “libraries” yields a good selection.

I am including this video by Mark Stover:

Published on Mar 13, 2013

Given the growth of digital information and personal technology, what will libraries look like twenty years from now? Mark Stover, dean of the Oviatt Library at CSUN, envisions the role of the library not contracting, but rather expanding to meet the unique needs of scholars and the surrounding community.

Produced by University Advancement, the “Think CSUN” video series features faculty experts at Cal State Northridge. We asked these campus thought leaders to speak clearly, candidly and off-the-cuff on contemporary issues in their fields of expertise.

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Vine – thing 6 for #blogjune

I made another Vine today, and used it over on the SABC Media Libraries blog.

The use of Vine in libraries and archives.

I can see lots of applications to be used in libraries and archives.

Suggestions of how to use Vine:
– announcements
– new stock (books, magazines, etc.)
– fun

How are you using Vine?

Finally! I got to embed Vine via the Twitter link, but it does not want to work with the direct embed code (?)